Stationary Pickups For Freshman Year 

When August begins, most of us find our YouTube subscription boxes filled with back to school hauls, our television screens thriving in backpack adds, and Target stores with their annual back to school shops.  It's FINALLY back to school time!!! While many students may groan even thinking about going back to school, I get super excited, as I am a HUGE stationary lover and Target is calling my name!  As a result, I have already purchased my school supplies and wanted to share some of my favorite items with you all.

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My Beauty Favorites

Throughout the Summer, I have spent a majority of my time researching make up and skin care products, as I am on a mission to make my skin look better than it ever has for the upcoming school year. Fortunately, my sister is very passionate skin care (you should see her five serum ritual in the morning and night haha) and loves to purchase products for both of us. Today, I wanted to share with you two of my current, beauty favorites which have allowed me to not look like a total mess.

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Band Braid Hair Tutorial

Happy Saturday my friends! During the weekends, my family and I are generally roaming the malls, going on errands, or running through Home Depot to redesign our home.  By spending all day outside, my hair is consistently being exposed to the sun, causing my locks to mimic my skin after I put a moisturizing sheet mask on (trust me, I look like I coated my face in olive oil).  As much as I enjoy the sunshine, my hair does not, making me do this band braid hairstyle, every other day.  Read more to learn how to do the band braid hairstyle yourself to make dirty hair look super cute!

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How I Got Rid Of My Acne In A Month 

As a teenager, acne always finds its way back to my skin, causing my face to become tremendously oily and textured.  Due to my consistent breakouts, my bathroom now thrives in several products which “claim” to eliminate blackheads and pimples, but unfortunately are quite ineffective.  However, I have finally found a solution which rapidly removes my pimples from my face and leaves my skin feeling super soft.

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What I’m Binge Watching This Summer 

Although the weekend is coming to an end, my binging sessions have barely begun.  Netflix and Hulu never seem to stop recommending me numerous shows, with mind-blowing cliffhangers at the end. Hence, my terrible sleeping schedule.  In the spirit of these shows, I decided to share with you what I’m binge watching this Summer and hope you will continuously watch with me!

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