What I’m Binge Watching This Summer 

Although the weekend is coming to an end, my binging sessions have barely begun.  Netflix and Hulu never seem to stop recommending me numerous shows, with mind-blowing cliffhangers at the end. Hence, my terrible sleeping schedule.  In the spirit of these shows, I decided to share with you what I’m binge watching this Summer and hope you will continuously watch with me!

  • Jane The Virgin // Netflix

Genre: Romance/Comedy

Ahh, Jane Gloriana Villanueva.  This romance show primarily focuses on the unique life of Jane, a religious, virgin who lives with her mother and her Abuela (also known as her grandmother).  Despite being a virgin, Jane goes to the doctor one day, only to be artificially inseminated, and thus, becoming pregnant!  The following mistake affected the aspiring writer’s life forever, as she was about to fall in love with two men: her fiancé and the father of her unintentional child.  I love this show so much! Jane The Virgin thrives in romance, yet includes an endless amount of funny moments.  My favorite part of this show is definitely the unique characters, as they add drama, and prevent the episodes focussing primarily on romance.

  • Project Runway // Hulu

Topic: Fashion

Despite being a popular show a few years back, Project Runway is my current go-to for afternoon binge watching sessions.  I mean who doesn’t love seeing designers making clothes with unconventional materials?  Hosted by fashion model, Heidi Klum, the show involves a selection of sixteen designers, who must undergo a series of designing challenges to present a ten-piece collection, during fashion week.  This show is ah-mazing! I am truly obsessed with the challenges the contestants must undergo, and always love hearing the judge’s critics.  Moreover, I love seeing the creativity the contestants have, as making a beautiful piece for a model in one day is tremendously difficult.  On one of the episodes, one of the male designers wrote a love letter to his husband and presented it on his dress (it was so beautiful and romantic, at the same time!)

  • MasterChef // Hulu

Topic: Food

Watching food shows while eating a meal is one of my favorite things to do, and Masterchef allows me to do that every week!  Since I’m a fan of the Food Network, I instantly fell in love with MasterChef, for the challenges the chefs have to complete are extremely challenging and entertaining to watch.  My favorite part of the show is Gordon Ramsey’s master classes, as he does everything with finesse and makes butchering a chicken look easy.

  • How I Met Your Mother // Netflix

Genre: Comedy

I SING THE THEME SONG TO THIS SHOW EVERY TIME hahaha.  How I Met Your Mother revolves around the life of Ted Mosby attempting to find love, and his adventures with his friends, Marshall, Lily, Robin, as well as Barney.  Although I have been watching How I Met Your Mother for years, I still love watching the episodes every day, as each one is unique and hilarious! I love the characters of this show, especially Marshall.  Moreover, the episodes are each twenty minutes long, which is perfect for mini study breaks or afternoon meals.

Share YOUR favorite shows in the comment section below!

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7 thoughts on “What I’m Binge Watching This Summer 

      1. Haha, I love how excited Jason got! Usually I immediately have a favorite, but I don’t this season. Hm. I hope Gabriel stays for a while because he’s kind of an underdog.

        Liked by 1 person

      2. I feel the same way! Gabriel is also one of my favorites as well 🙂 I’m super hyped for tonight’s new episode (another Gordon Ramsay masterclass would be great hahaha)

        Liked by 1 person

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