How I Got Rid Of My Acne In A Month 

As a teenager, acne always finds its way back to my skin, causing my face to become tremendously oily and textured.  Due to my consistent breakouts, my bathroom now thrives in several products which “claim” to eliminate blackheads and pimples, but unfortunately are quite ineffective.  However, I have finally found a solution which rapidly removes my pimples from my face and leaves my skin feeling super soft.

My New Best Friend: ALOE VERA!

If you are obsessed with skincare, you’ve probably heard of this effective plant (it’s amazing!).  Aloe Vera is a cactus plant which rich in a soothing gel that treats burns, acne, shedding hair and much more. After hearing my favorite YouTubers and bloggers rave about the gel, I decided to apply Aloe Vera gel onto my face, every night.  Originally, I used organic Aloe Vera Jelly but found the product to be immensely sticky.  Thus, I headed over to Amazon and purchased Amara Organics Aloe Vera Gel which retails for sixteen dollars!  Due to the price, I was very reluctant to purchase the gel, but boy, do I love this product so much!

As shown in the picture above, this particular Aloe Vera is 100% Natural, 99.75% organic, and thankfully, the company does not test on animals. 

My Skin Routine: Before

Ever since sixth grade, my oily skin became more apparent, causing myself to notice the big red, pimples which never seemed to leave my forehead.  As a result, I use to scrub my face very hard (yikes), with an apricot scrub.  Unfortunately, the particular face wash dried out my face, making my skin produce more oil and becoming the true, oily mess it was, during middle school.

My Skin Routine: Now

Now, I actually care about my skin (yay!).  My current skin routine ONLY involves using Aloe Vera Gel as an overnight treatment.  To remove the gel from my face, I wash my face using LUSH’s Angels On Bare Skin or Biore’s Deep Pore Charcoal Cleansers, every morning.

After using this product for one month, my skin has never been clearer! Yes, I still do have texture and a few scars on my face, however, they are slowly leaving (I’m super excited!).  Prior to consistently using the gel, my entire forehead, as well as my cheeks, were covered in red pimples and several acne scars. Now, those patches of pimples have almost disappeared! Overall, I really love this product, as the gel is easy to apply, and has improved my skin so much! I defiantly recommend you try it out if you are similarly suffering from acne.

Share YOUR favorite skin products in the comment section below!


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