Band Braid Hair Tutorial

Happy Saturday my friends! During the weekends, my family and I are generally roaming the malls, going on errands, or running through Home Depot to redesign our home.  By spending all day outside, my hair is consistently being exposed to the sun, causing my locks to mimic my skin after I put a moisturizing sheet mask on (trust me, I look like I coated my face in olive oil).  As much as I enjoy the sunshine, my hair does not, making me do this band braid hairstyle, every other day.  Read more to learn how to do the band braid hairstyle yourself to make dirty hair look super cute!

Materials Needed:

  1. Two Clips or several bobby pins to secure the braid.
  2. A comb or a brush.

Although I wear this hairstyle every other day, I find the band braid looks best on day two or day three hair.  Nonetheless, you can still wear this hairstyle on any day of your choosing.

NOTE: I do not recommend doing this hairstyle on freshly washed hair, for the braid will not stay intact.

Step 1. To get the best results, brush your hair to make it easy to braid.  Then, take a chunk of hair closest to your face and split it into three sections.  This part of your hair will be used to start the band braid.

Step 2. Braid your hair regularly two times.  I suggest braiding tightly so you can fluff out your band braid, once you have finished the hairstyle.

Step 3. Time to officially start the braid! Right now, you have three sections of hair.  Take the first section closest to your face and combine it with the third section.  As a result, you now have two sections of hair.  After combining the first strand and the third strand, take a piece of hair closest to your face.  This piece will be your first strand in your braid!

Step 4. Repeat step three about two to three times.

Step 5.  Stop combining the first strand and the third strand.  With the remaining hair, braid the strands regularly.  Once you are satisfied with the length of your braid, pin the braid to the back of your head, using bobby pins or clips.

Share YOUR favourite hairstyle for the Summer in the comment section below!

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