Stationary Pickups For Freshman Year 

When August begins, most of us find our YouTube subscription boxes filled with back to school hauls, our television screens thriving in backpack adds, and Target stores with their annual back to school shops.  It's FINALLY back to school time!!! While many students may groan even thinking about going back to school, I get super excited, as I am a HUGE stationary lover and Target is calling my name!  As a result, I have already purchased my school supplies and wanted to share some of my favorite items with you all.

MY PENCIL CASE : July Ipsy Bag ($5) // Michelle Phan

Although I am not obsessed with makeup, I always rush to the mailbox for my sister's monthly Ipsy bag to see what new bag Michelle Phan has designed.  Once I saw this month's bag, I knew I had to have it and thankfully, my sister agreed.  I love how cute the design is, as on the front it's a little scared egg yolk and it's little butt on the back (hahahaha).  In addition to the design, the quality of all of Michelle Phan's bags are amazing and they are  tremendously spacious.

PENCILS : BIC #2 Mechanical Pencils With Extra Sparkle ($3.47) // Walmart

I have been using these pencils for years and still continue to purchase them every year.  As a leftie, I like how the utensils are thin and easy to hold on to, so my hand doesn't have to tightly grip the pencil when writing.  Moreover, my handwriting looks especially neat when I use these pencils, so I defiantly recommend you guys try them out!

PENS : Pilot EasyTouch Retractable Ball Point Pens, Medium Point, Blue Ink ($8.41) // Amazon

Unlike my BIC pencils, I found out about these Pens last year and purchased them for eighth grade.  I can certainly say that these are the BEST pens I have ever used.  When using these blue Pens, they write very smoothly and do not smudge at all. Also, the pens are very long-lasting and affortable.

BINDER : Pen + Gear 1 1/2 Inch Durable Binder ($3.00) // Walmart 

In comparison to Target, I find that Walmart has higher quality, yet cheaper, binders.  I always purchase the Pen + Gear binders, as they come in a  variety of colors and last throughout the ENTIRE school year.  Moreover, they can hold 375 sheets without the rings of the binder breaking.  Inside my binder, I have five dividers, with double sided pockets by Pen + Gear, as well as some filler paper from Walmart.

NOTEBOOKS : One Subject Yoobi Notebooks ($2.30 each) // Target

  Yoobi is a wonderful brand which donates one item to a U.S classroom in need, for every item you purchase.  As a stationary lover, I always take a one-hour visit to Target's Office/School Supplies section, and love seeing the huge Yoobi section of  notebooks, sticky notes, high lighters etc. When Yoobi products were first availible in Target stores, I immediately wanted to purchase their notebooks, but I didn't, as there wasn't a variety of colors.  However, this year Yoobi had three new colors/designs and I knew I had to purchase these notebooks.  In to addition to donating, the particular brand's notebooks are very similar to 5 Star Notebooks, only they are bigger and immensely cheaper!

PLANNER : Ashley G Weekly & Monthly Planner ($8.00) // Target 

Prior to 9th grade, I use to carry a huge Kate Spade Planner, which was bigger than all five of my notebooks combined.  Since I will be carrying textbooks this year, I decided to purchase a much smaller planner, in which I can still write all of my homework assignments.  I love this planner, for the design on the front cover is super cute and the weekly spread has nine lines for each weekday.   Nonetheless, the monthly view in this planner isn't as spacious as I would like it, but it's still a wonderful planner for the upcoming school year.

Share YOUR favorite stationary items in the comment section below!

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